Custom Hearing Protection

Preserve Healthy Hearing With Advanced Protective Devices

At Professional Hearing Care, our experienced audiologists specialize not only in hearing loss rehabilitation but also in hearing preservation. Thanks to our custom hearing protection in Fitchburg, Mauston, La Crosse, and Westby, WI, we can help you hear clearly in noisy environments without further damaging your ability to hear.



Protect & Preserve Your Hearing

It’s important to take preventative steps to preserve your hearing. Typically, the best way to do this is to avoid noises as much as possible, limit your use of headphones, and wear earplugs or earmuffs when you are in loud environments. However, if you have a hearing impairment, trying to maintain a healthy hearing level in noisy environments can be especially difficult.

With our hearing protection devices, you don’t have to compromise. Whether you spend a lot of time outdoors or work in a loud environment, hearing clearly is vital for your performance and safety. Our hearing protection devices provide a real solution to help you hear clearly even in noisy environments.

Who Benefits From Hearing Protection Devices?

Ultimately, anyone who spends time in noisy environments can benefit from our hearing preservation options, especially when clear hearing can reduce your chance of injury. In particular, our hearing protection devices have been designed to help the following professions and activities:

  • Hunters & Shooters
  • Industrial Workers
  • Military & Police Officers

Musician Ear Plugs

No matter the size of the performance venue, musicians are exposed to high volumes of sound on a regular basis, which can lead to permanent hearing damage, a crucial necessity to their livelihood. Musician earplugs, unlike generic foam or silicone earplugs, are custom-designed to best preserve the accuracy of sound on both their instruments and their bandmates.

What these earplugs do is provide musicians ample performance hearing while filtering out the harmful frequencies. Our experts recommend musician’s earplugs for all people involved in the live music industry, from band members to crews, to DJs, and concert-goers. You only have one set of ears – protect them!

Musician Monitors

Musicians who perform for large audiences in large venues typically use in-ear monitors. Why? Because the dual competing sounds of the venue’s amplification system, coupled with the crowd noise, make it challenging for them to hear the sounds on stage.

Similar to musician earplugs, custom-molded in-ear monitors provide necessary protection against high volumes, while streaming their performed sound to their ears in a tolerable volume. This helps them keep on track with their performance.

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